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Courtenay, British Columbia

Join the bridge crew of a starship! Manage engineering, communicate with aliens, engage the shields, and fire photon torpedoes! We can set up two separate bridges for up to 8 players each, play separately, co-cooperatively, or toe-to-toe. It’s a total blast! Come to meet new people or bring your own crew!

Bought to you in part by CVGS! $10 for 2 hours, with a portion of the proceeds going to CVGS.
ph. 250 898 3072

The next game is on Thursday April 02, 2020 17:00 Local Time | Friday April 03, 2020 00:00 UTC | Duration: 2 hour(s)

MakeItZone Industries Ltd | 907 McPhee AveCourtenay, BC V9N 3A1