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Starting Your Own Social Game Group

  • Andrew Petalikposted an update

    For many people who play this game, they typically enjoy it for several reasons. The first thing most people think of is how do I get my friends and other people involved? Social and community development is a broad topic of study and practice. There are many approaches and models around playing Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator with people.

  • Dave Trinhposted an update

    We start off with recognizing the classification of different social groups. There are groups of friends and family, who gather to play in their homes on a regular basis. While friends of friends are occasionally invited to participate. This is what is considered a "primary social group" in sociology textbooks.

    A "secondary social group", where it is at times can be impersonal, but is task focused and time limited. These groups work on fine tuning ways to create social community groups for one vision, across a set of values agreed upon participants.

    There is no one way to create any social groups, but we do understand and respect the different types that exist in the Artemis gaming community. So a set of values have been written up, and the participants have agreed to work at practicing and living by them. It is believed that creating and publishing your own social community values, is one of the first steps towards sustaining a secondary type social group.

  • John Scalesposted an update

    So you've decided to branch out from your close friends and family, ready to make your social games more accessible to your community. We, at the Canadian Fleet are here to help you with identifying and preparing for that very process. You'll have access to a network of communities across the country, where they are ready to roll up their sleeves to help out. I'll even show you how to roll your uniform sleeves up correctly.

  • Amanda Vanderzandenposted an update

    On boarding, the Canadian Fleet is comprised of many different communities, where a set of leaders convene to determine direction of how they'd like to operate by. This allows for us to plan, and schedule multi-ship games in any one physical or online community of Artemis players.

    If your community is ready, we encourage you to reach out, our experienced community builders are ready to help you. We have a checklist of items which includes alignment of our operating values, the expectations of what community leaders will need to do, and creating a local community strategy to share with all the other divisions.