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Redesign May 31, 2019 - We've modernized our website, each division can update their own duty shift details.
Rebrand August 1, 2019 - We're rebranding to become part of the TSN's numbered fleet system.
Where do we play?

There are four divisions in the Canadian Fleet

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In Real Life (IRL)

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We are an inclusive group, out to have fun, be safe, to learn and share our love for this game.

You don't need a computer to play with us

We have extra computers and a full bridge license. If you've got a computer, bring it along if you like.

Bridge or Steam License

You can purchase your own license to play online or with your friends.

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The Canadian Fleet Summit

2019 Summit

  • Date: To be determined
  • Location: Oshawa, Ontario
  • Register: Currently Unavailable
  • Detail: A full day of promotions, training, workshops and fleet level games in one location.

Other activiites could include: Music entertainment, portriat and group photos, and delicious food.

Online Multi Ship Training & Operations

The CF-Nebula System

  • Date: To be determined for September to December on a weekend
  • Location: Online
  • Register: Currently Unavailable
  • Detail: A 3 hour online game, where each community convene in one physical location to play in a massive eight ship game across Canada.

Status: Community leaders are working on mobilizing their Artemis crews.

Role Playing (RP)

Get Immersive
with the
Terran Stellar Navy

Ranks & Title

The Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet draws from the Canadian Naval Ranks system. All accepted ranks & title are listed to help with both on duty role playing and administrative purposes.

Costume Play

Optional, you can look and feel the part at duty shifts and conventions with uniforms! More information can be found on the officer's portal.

Be a part of the story

Write a Captain's Log. A centralized orders relay system is used for the Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet. The system allows the Admiralty of the Fleet to immediately disseminate mission critical information and orders to starships in USFP space.

Fleet Command

Fleet Command is the de facto governing body of the Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet. Answering directly to the United Space Faring Planets Council, and the Office of the President USFP under special circumstances.