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Fleet Game January 31, 2020 - The next fleet game is March 1st at 2000Z.
Rebrand September 17, 2019 - We've rebranded! New logo, patches, and organizational structure to promote Artemis communities across the country.
Our Service

Take the game and your local crew onto the Internet and play with other crews at the same time.

Our team provides a method of planning, scheduling, and coordinating online fleet games. Find out how your local social gaming community can be a part of this.

Here's a list of several communities playing Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulators at local venues in their respective cities


There are crews all over the world!

In Real Life (IRL)

Let's play, how do I do that?

Find your closest city

We are an inclusive group, out to have fun, be safe, to learn and share our love for this game. Meet up with a crew and play locally.

Take a moment to look at all the communities in the list above who play on a regular basis. If there isn't one close by, we can help you start one! Just contact one of us.

You don't need a computer to participate

Your local community group usually has an extra computer, and will have purchased a full bridge license. If you've got a computer, bring it along if you like. Getting together to play and social at one location is what we aim for.

Fleet level games are polled among the communitiy leaders for optimal dates and times across six time zones in Canada. Where crews in each community gather at one location with their bridge and high speed internet access. They connect to TSN Command for training and mission assignments.

Bridge or Steam License

You can purchase your own license to play online or with your friends.

The software is sold as a DRM-free “Bridge License” of the Windows PC version of Artemis. This bridge license lets you download the game installer file, and share it with every member of your crew.
Steam’s software license is very different from the bridge license. Each purchase is good for only one Steam account, so each of your friends will have to buy their own copy for their own PCs.

Artemis Official Store | On Steam
Multi Ship Training & Missions
November 15, 2020

2020 Fleet Game

  • Date:November 15, 2020, 1900Z, duration: 3 hours
  • Location: On the Internet
  • Register: registry[at] tsn-artemis. ca
  • Detail: A 3 hour online game, where each community convene in one physical location to play in a sixteen ship game across Canada.
  • Status: Application open. Join our mailing list to see the scheduling process during 2021.
December 6, 2020

Fleet Game

  • Date: December 6, 2020, 1900Z, duration: 3 hours
  • Location: On the Internet
  • Register: registry[at] tsn-artemis. ca
  • Detail: A 3 hour online game, where each community convene in one physical location to play in a eight ship game across Canada.
  • Status: Apply 2 weeks prior.

Role Playing (RP)

Get Immersive
with the
Terran Stellar Navy

Ranks & Title

The Terran Stellar Navy 42nd Fleet draws from the Canadian Naval Ranks system. All accepted ranks & title are listed to help with on duty role playing purposes only. Role playing allows members to have different roles while running their crew, but is not necessary to play. This will allow you to be imaginative while having fun.

Costume Play (CosPlay)

You can look and feel the part at duty shifts and conventions with uniforms! We encourage people to make, adapt or be as creative as they wish when creating their uniforms. There are over seven different uniform designs across the country. Remember, this is optional and you're not required to have a uniform to participate.

Tell us your story

Write an officer's log. A centralized orders relay system is used for the Terran Stellar Navy Fleet. The system allows the Admiralty of the Fleet (Game Master) to immediately disseminate mission critical information and orders to starships in space. This is open to anyone who wishes to participate! Your log entries could be published for others to read.

Fleet Command

The administrative staff of the 42nd Fleet relays high level orders for participating vessels during fleet training and missions. Once you've establishes a comm's link to a Command Base, take command of your ship and get ready to get things done in the sector.